About LivePick

Welcome! LivePick is your in-play betting assistant, who will immediately alert you when a live match meets your betting criteria. So you do not have to sit all day in front of the computer and check the dozens of games that are currently playing.

Let me show you an example.
You want to search only for live matches, where is good chance for Over 0.5 goals in the first half. So you will define simple filter with these conditions:

  • Time is the first half
  • Home and Away team has 0 goals (so the match is 0:0)
  • Both sides have at least 6 shots on target (there is some pressure in match)
  • Odds for over 0.5 in first half need to be more than 1.8!

And when some matches meet these criteria, we will immediately send you a notification to your mobile phone. We are checking all live matches every single minute. Your job is only open the match and decide what to do with it.

This is the main advantage about LivePick. You just save hours and hours of your time and never miss chance to find right match.

What stats do you provide?

We cover stats for over 1800 leagues! Check list with all leagues here. You can use in your filters more than 100 conditions. Attacks, Dangerous Attacks, Shot on target, Shot off target, Corners, Cards, Goals and many more. Check list of all conditions here.

What other benefits LivePick will brings me?

Detailed statistics in one place You can see all detailed statistics about some match in one place. You will see table, history of your team, odds, live stats and many more in one place. So you do not have to visit others pages to check history, to check stats etc. You have everything in one place like a Swiss knife.

Notifications on every device that you have We will notify you about new matches on all your devices. We have Android App and own Telegram bot. So you can get notification to every device (Apple, Android, Windows phone, Windows PC, Macbook etc.)

Using filters of others members In the Livepick, there is possibility to share the filters with other members. So you do not have to think how to create filter or what conditions to use. You can just simply follow filters of our members.

Setting in-play alerts You can make simple filter for filtering live matches as we written above. But if you like some match you can also set alerts during the game. For example you want to get notification: when time reach 55 minutes, when home team shot on target, when someone score goal and many more.

Creating group of filters This is very advanced feature of LivePick. You can merge 2 or more filters together and make one big filter. This way you are able to create very advanced scenarios for filtering matches. Example: You want to pick some match, where is potencial for both team to score, but you want to only pick this match, if they good start in first 10 minutes of second half. More about group of filters you can read in our guide.

Telegram community We have Telegram channel where you can discuss with others members. You can talk with members, ask for help and share your ideas. We respect each of our member and want to create a family atmosphere

Innovative founders In short we never stop :-). We are still working on new things and improvements for LivePick. We have a big sheet of ideas that we gradually realize and make LivePick even better. And you know what's best? Price for LivePick remains the same. We never plan to raise the price in the future due to new improvements!

Right now you can try LivePick full membership for 4 days for free and after that prices starts on 13.9 euro per one month. If you buy yearly package price per one month is only 8.3 euro. Check pricing here.

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