Author Denis Ulmann
Freeware, copyright (c) by LivePick

We developed a Windows PC App for users who spend most of the day at the PC and have no time or the ability to be with us on phone or tablet. App is designed just like App for the phone so you do not have to get used to anything new. In this app you can find everything what is in the mobile phone App. The incoming notifications appears as a bubble (windows 7 mostly), and in the notifications list (windows 10), App will also play the system sound for new notification (no custom sound for new notification available).
If the incoming notifications is turned on on the PC (see first screenshot) you will get notifications only at the PC, not your phone (it is not possible to have both PC and phone active at the same time). You can then change this settings in Administration > Device Management.
- Application is running on .NET Framework 4.0, you can use Mono packages for linux or Mac OS X (after .msi install)

 Application require .NET Framework 4.0