Live Scanner

Live scanner is your in-play betting assistant, who will immediately alert you when a live match meets your betting criteria. So you do not have to sit all day in front of the computer and check the dozens of games that are currently playing.

Let me show you an example:
You want to search only for live matches, where is good chance for Over 0.5 goals in the first half. So you will define a simple filter with these conditions:

  • Time is the first half
  • Home and Away team has 0 goals (so the match is 0:0)
  • Both sides have at least 6 shots on target (there is some pressure in match)
  • Odds for over 0.5 in first half need to be more than 1.8

And when some matches meet these criteria, we will immediately send you a notification to your mobile phone. We are checking all live matches every single minute. Your job is only open the match and decide what to do with it.

This is the main advantage about LivePick. You just save hours and hours of your time and never miss chance to find right match.

We cover stats for over 1800 leagues! Check list with all leagues here. You can use in your filters more than 100 conditions. Attacks, Dangerous Attacks, Shot on target, Shot off target, Corners, Cards, Goals and many more. Check list of all conditions here.

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