What is LivePick about?

LivePick is your in-play betting assistant, who will immediately alert you when a match meets your betting criteria.

You can choose from hundreds of conditions. Let me show you an example.

If your betting strategy is for example: Over 0.5 goals in the first half.

You just tell us: "Pick for me match that meets these conditions:"
  • Time is the first half
  • Home and Away team has 0 goals (so the match is 0:0)
  • Both sides have at least 6 shots on target in total
  • And also you tell us that Odds for over 0.5 in first half need to be more than 1.8!

And when some matches meet these criteria, we will immediately send you a notification! Our software is checking all live matches every single minute!

Do you imagine how strong tool is that? You do not have to scroll hundreds of matches to find the right one. You just get a real-time notification when some matches meet your criteria. We have more than 100 conditions that you can use!

You just save a lot of time and NEVER MISS GOOD CHANCE TO FIND PERFECT MATCH!

You know what... bookies hate us for this. Because we give to your hand the power of our software which is infallible and works for you 24/7! We have personally made thousands of bucks, thanks to this software.

You know what is the best?

You can copy filters of our members! 😍

So you dont have to think about how to create filter or what conditions to use! You can simply use verified filters of our members!

Right now you can test about 75 filters from our members! Last week we had really nice winning row with over 0.5 goals in half time with filter from our member Tyler. 🚀

About the Author

I was always wondering how to crush bookies. It was very challenging because you have to spend all your day in front of the PC and scroll hundreds of live matches. But I can say, that I was able to make money from live betting.

One time my girlfriend says that it's horrible because I spend all the time in front of PC and still betting... She was right; I spend more than 10 hours per day by watching live matches and picking the right bets.

Finally, the idea has come. Because I am a programmer so I was able to make this software that will help me with picking the right match, it took me over a year to develop, and voila LivePick is here and now helping not only me but to another hundreds of people.

What People Are Saying...

My way of betting has changed completely

Since I discovered the LivePick app, my way of betting has changed completely. in addition to being truly versatile and configurable in every detail, livepick allows you to bet with confidence. Very elegant app, no bugs, continuous upgrades. my portfolio thanks ;)

Walter Benetello

Livepick is really an absolute reality for live betting and has changed the way we operate in this world for both the most experienced and those who have just started thanks to the sharing of filters already created by other users. I believe that the potential is enormous, and I must say that since I use it my earnings have increased because I can bet on more live events and with greater speed, without having to stay 24 hours a day on my PC or mobile phone.

Angelo Speciale

Why Is LivePick Hidden Gem

Check the main differences between the old way and with LivePick


  • Scrolling hundreds of matches
  • Spending hours and hours in front of PC
  • Always miss the right chance to find perfect match
  • Choosing a match is complicated and challenging
  • Bookie is happy because you are losing money

  • LivePick looking for matches for you
  • Saving a lot of time
  • Makes the best opportunity to find perfect match
  • Choosing a match is easy and fun
  • You are happy because you are making money


You know guys what is the best? You can try everything For Free!
We made for you 4 days free trial, where you can test the power of LivePick.

Price after the trial is just only 13.9 € per month (just the price of 3 beers ).

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

You will save lot of time and make more money!
Yes! You can write to us on our Facebook page or e-mail. Also, we have a Facebook group where you can discuss with other members.
About 90 % of your time. LivePick = Your assistant. The hardest job he does for you.
Yes! We want you to try it first before you find out if it is right for you or not.
Just 13,9 euro for month. Price of 3 beers.
Yes! We have tutorials, and also you can write to us on the Facebook page or Facebook group or e-mail. You will understand the principle within an hour.

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