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Troubleshooting With Notifications

Sometimes you may not receive notifications.
There are multiple scenarios as to why this may be the case.

You do not have allowed notification for Telegram or for our Android application.

You need to go to your mobile settings and find Telegram or our Android application. Check in setting if you have allowed notifications. Some mobile phone like Huawei have a special battery saving mode that puts the notifications to sleep. We also recommend finding a solution for your phone on Google. For example 'Huawei P30 notifications problem”.

Your phone and telegram are not properly connected

Go to our administration ->My Devices and check if you see here your device. If no you have to pair your device. If yes try to click on button “send text notification to main device”.

If you do not receive any notification and you see your device here -> write us on e-mail

You do not receive notification from your filter

Go to our administration ->My Devices and click on button “Send test notification to main device”. If notifications come you have you have maybe problem with your filter.

Check all conditions of your filter and make sure that some are not mutually exclusive.