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What Is Group Of Filters And How It Works

By creating a Group of Filters, you you can merge multiple filters to make one big. This is especially useful when you want a more complex match selection scenario. Let me show you example. Your strategy is for example both team to score.

You will set first filter for both team to score. For example this one:

So it will pick you some match interesting match in first half. But you will try to place bet in second half and only if your team start playing well at the beginning of the second half.

So you will define second last 10 minute filter:

With this filter, your want to pick only matches from 45 to 55 minute where home team has at least 1 shot on target. So you think that 1 shot on target in first 10 minutes of second half is great start.

Now you have First filter - both team to score and Second filter - good start in second half.

Now you can create one group from this two filter and it will pick match only when it meets conditions of both filters.

You can merge how many filters your want. There are no limits. In next tutorial you will see what is group type and how it works.